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Maintain your system and prevent future damage

If your water system is suffering from low pressure, you could be at risk of major backflow issues that can contaminate your system, including your drinking water. Have your system tested today by one of our certified backflow experts!

Any repair can prove costly when it comes to plumbing. Make sure you let an expert from Ottagan Plumbing & Testing Inc test your system today. Your water system must be tested every 2 years by a master plumber. Our certified technicians will help you stop a future issue before it becomes an expensive repair.

Annual Backflow Test

Don't be surprised by your next plumbing bill when you call the master plumbers at Ottagan Plumbing & Testing Inc today.  We charge per test and per repair.

Complete plumbing service

Keep all of your systems checked by an expert plumber and prevent an issue before it becomes a problem! Call for more information about our services!


- Irrigation sprinkler systems

- Fire protection systems

- Soda machines

- Boilers

- Aspirators

Ensure your plumbing keeps moving forward

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