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Prevent costly damage due to backflow - have it tested!

Even small issues with water lines or leaking sinks can cost your business money. Don't let your plumbing create bigger problems for you. Receive fast, affordable service for all of your plumbing needs, from repairs to automation, when you call Ottagan Plumbing & Testing Inc.

In any commercial space, an issue with your sinks, toilets and more is inevitable. Often due to low water pressure, backflow can contaminate your business's water source. Before you have an issue, call Ottagan's master plumbers and have your system tested!

Trusted for over 4 decades

You've worked hard to make your commercial operation a success. Make sure things run smoothly for years to come when you call Ottagan Plumbing & Testing Inc.


Don't let just any company handle your plumbing repairs and installations. Call our master plumbers today and experience the Ottagan difference.

Ensure the future of your business

With the proper equipment and automated systems, you could be saving hundreds a year on utility costs alone!


- Hot water line installation

- Water heater repairs

- Bathroom repairs

- Sink and faucet repairs and installations

- Automatic flushing systems

- Hands-free sinks and faucets

Fast service on plumbing repairs

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