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Winterization service

Even a small amount of water left in your pipes can freeze, expand, and damage your property if left over the winter season. Get ready for the weather and prevent costly breaks and repairs by contacting the master plumbers at Ottagan Plumbing & Testing Inc.

Come to Ottagan Plumbing & Testing Inc. at the end of the fall season to effectively winterize the pipes in your home or business. Don't let the cold air damage your plumbing - contact us today and be ready!

SAVE more of your money

Unless your pipes and water lines are completely flushed and shut off when you're not there to use them, you could be at risk of water damage, burst pipes, and rust build up.


Protect your home with winterization services and end of season winterizing from Ottagan Plumbing & Testing Inc. Trust your property to a team of licensed and insured professionals!

Complete winterization service:

Let our expert's help you shut down your home completely for when you're not there.


- Water lines blow out with air compressor

- Water heaters drained

- Water from toilet removed

- Irrigation systems drained

- Outdoor faucets flushed

- Outdoor showers flushed

-Appliances drained and flushed  (washers, dryers, dishwashers ETC...

Prepare your plumbing for winter